Biktrix Dorado Battery 48V 25Ah

Presenting the largest capacity Dorado battery on the market. Using the latest Samsung 21700 50E cells and a beastly 35A continuous load BMS, this battery pack has it all - Range, Lifespan, and Power. 

This new battery form factor fits all Biktrix bikes that use the Dorado semi-integrated battery. Please check compatibility list below to see if your bike fits this battery pack.

Configuration: 13S 5P configuration 50E 21700 Genuine Grade A Samsung cells.
1 year warranty, comes with 3A charger.

Compatible models of bikes

☑️ Juggernaut Classic and Juggernaut HD - All versions 
☑️ Juggernaut Ultra FS - COMPATIBLE
☑️ Juggernaut Ultra 1000, Ultra 1000 Pro - All versions 
☑️ Stunner Step Over, Step Thru, 2019 Models and Newer - COMPATIBLE

           •For Pre 2019 Models please contact Support for insight into compatibility

☑️ Stunner X 
☑️ Stunner LT - All versions (except pre-2018 bikes with 440mm length battery) 
☑️ Swift Step Over - All versions 
☑️ Swift Step Thru - All versions 
☑️ Skycap - All versions 

❌ Juggernaut Classic Duo, Ultra Duo, Hub Duo - NOT COMPATIBLE
❌ Juggernaut FS PRO - All numbered versions - NOT COMPATIBLE
❌ Juggernaut Ultra Beast - NOT COMPATIBLE
❌ Swift lite - all versions - NOT COMPATIBLE
❌ Kutty - All versions - NOT COMPATIBLE
❌ Moto - All versions - NOT COMPATIBLE
❌ Ultra Eagle - All versions - NOT COMPATIBLE


Best Lithium-ion cells on the market

This Dorado 25Ah pack is built with the latest and greatest cells on the market: Samsung 50E 21700


The main specs from Samsung 50E datasheet (pdf):

Capacity (min):4900mAh

Nominal voltage:3.6V

Standard charge current: 2.45A (0.5C)

Charge cut-off current:98mA (0.02C)

Max charge current:4.9A (1C)

Charge end voltage: 4.2V

Max. continuous discharge current:9.8A (2C)

Discharge cut-off voltage:2.5V

AC impedance at 1KHz:≤35mΩ

Max weight:69g