Indiegogo Additional Options - Hub Duo


  1. Please fill 1 survey per bike that you have ordered on Indiegogo. You will find the available options further down this page.
  2. Once completed, you will see a "Thank you" screen. If you DO NOT see the "Thank you" screen, your survey options are not submitted.
  3. If possible, complete your survey with the same email address used for your initial pledge. This email address is associated with your profile and will ensure your response and pledge are linked.
  4. If you select $0 options, you will see $0 in the cart screen once you "CONTINUE", please continue with the prompts to make sure the survey is submitted.
  5. Note that the bikes are shipped in first-come-first-served basis to these survey replies. Late survey answers would need to get bumped to the next batch for delivery.

Frame Style
Electric Blue
Satin Black
Emerald Green
Metallic Red
Pearl White
Cherry Red
Frame Size
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