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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jodie Lewis

Range Extender Kit

gary monnecka
range extender kit

Ordered my extender battery it came quick and in perfect working order. The team was great to work with and very knowledgeable Always a pleasure.

Jason Coon
You will tire out before your battery does!

When I was deciding which eBike to buy I saw a common theme from other owners: these bikes encourage you to get out more often and stay out longer. Along with that the most common “I wish I would have done this differently” comment I saw was people wanting bigger or additional batteries. This is what led me to Biktrix because they offer so many dual battery bikes and they have the cool “Dualizer” technology that manages and extends the range and life of the two batteries.

I have dual 52v 17.5ah batteries that Biktrix rates as 45-miles range each. However by riding mostly in PAS 1 I’ve been able to get closer to 80-miles each. I put 101 miles on a single charge and still had 40% capacity left. Doing some math I figure that even on throttle-only I can probably get about 50-miles out of this setup.

If you want to ride until you are too tired to ride anymore, have any long trips planned, or just want to ride short trips daily and only recharge once a week, get the range extender, it works beautifully.

Harold Leasure
Nice product

I have only used it 2 times so far but has worked very well and allowed me to ride a 100 miles. Easy to install and operate

andrew pugh
Range Extender Kit

Decent price for a Range Extender Kit. I am hopeful it will provide many years use

Denis Dufour

N'a pas été utilisé encore la batterie secondaire . J'ai fait la dernière randonnée 40 km et j'ai utilisé 50% de la batterie primaire . Donc je m'attend à être capable de faire au moins 100km avec l'extension de batterie . Je ne pars pas dans l'inquiétude de manquer de batterie . Je ne regrette pas mon choix . J'ai seulement de la difficulté avec le réglage de l'écran , même avec l'explication sur You Tube .

Craig Mouldey
Easy Smeazy

Given the extra distance I can travel with the extender, it is a very nice insurance policy for getting around. It is really very simple to attach to the bike and simply plug it into the port.

Wayne Roberts
Extra battery

The battery extends increases my range greatly and gives me the feeling that I can ride forever on the battery power And have battery to get back on.

randy gronlund
like it

works great