Biktrix Best eBikes of 2022

Biktrix Best eBikes of 2022
2022 is wrapping up! As this year ends, we can officially name the best electric bikes of the year going into 2023. Across our entire lineup of premium eBikes, there were several standout performers! Without further ado, the winners are…

Top Performer - Juggernaut Hub Duo 

Our flagship series doesn’t disappoint! Outshining all its counterparts, the Juggernaut Hub Duo was our most popular bike model across the board. The 750W hub motor provides no shortage of power while being exceedingly simple to operate and enjoy. The Step-Thru was the preferred style, with the Step-Over design not far behind. Shorter riders also enjoyed a 20" version of the Hub Duo. Overall, the Juggernaut Hub Duo accounted for over 15% of all Biktrix eBike sales through 2022.

US Favorite - Juggernaut FS Pro

It’s the FS for the US! The full-suspension of the Juggernaut FS Pro attracted a lot of attention among throughout the 50 states of the union. With many states enjoying a longer riding season and a wide variety of terrain to cover, the FS Pro’s enhanced stability and traction shines from sea to shining sea. Plus, the dual-battery option is an amazing feature that opens up new destinations and allows rides to last longer!

Canada’s Favourite - Challenger

The great white north loves a good challenge! The full-suspension and additional cargo options made this eBike a popular pick north of the border. The Challenger was opted for by both urban and rural users for quick and reliable transportation, with plenty of opportunities for the occasional pleasure cruise.

Surprise Performer - Stunner X 6

With a powerful mid-drive motor, comfortable riding position, and two options for wheel sizes, we knew the Stunner X was a great eBike… but we didn’t predict just how well it would perform! While the Stunner’s overall popularity was outperformed by other models, there was a window of time where this bike out-sold every other model in our lineup. That means there’s an entire new generation of Stunner riders out there!

Rookie of the Year - XD Duo

Despite only being publicly available near the end of the year, the Juggernaut XD Duo is our pick for best new eBike. Truthfully, it was no contest! The dual-drive technology of the XD is a revolution for the industry and we feel so privileged to call this design our very own. Featuring over 2000 Watts of motor power and unmatched performance, the future is bright for this young star.

Trendiest - Swift Lite

After looking at overall sales and popularity, we had to give mention to another standout performer; the Swift Lite. This model quickly created a following due to its friendly price and versatility. The lightweight frame equipped with a surprisingly peppy motor made the Swift’s affordable price even more impressive!

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