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Cancy C

"It Gave Me An E-Grin From Ear To Ear."

1st ride was 20 miles from home & it gave me an E-Grin from ear to ear! With the speed, torque sensor and thudbuster, I was blown away!

Michael D

"Things Have Changed"

Los Burros road, Pacific Valley, Big Sur, CA. I tried to ride up this grade as a young flatbelly, but the best we could do was park one car at the bottom, and drive the bikes to the top. Now, things have changed.

Daird M


Being able to go faster than mosquitoes: PRICELESS!

Michael B

"The Smiles And Miles Continue."

Took my Stunner X on my first off-road ride...  The "Smiles & Miles" continue!  It was amazing! Handled the hills and bumps like a champ!

A Feeling Of Freedom

At first, Brenda was completely against the idea of an electric bike...
until she rode one for the first time.  Now, her and her husband are
riding more than ever and having a blast doing it! 

Brenda's knee injury no longer holds her back from exploring her beautiful community.  Watch the film to hear their story.

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A Swiss Army Knife of Bikes

Highly recommended if you want a Swiss Army knife of bikes! It's a beast and I enjoy it every time I ride - checks all my boxes and puts a smile on my face.

Thanks to Roshan and the team for a great package!"

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Changed My Life

"As far as I'm concerned the Biktrix Juggernaut is one of the best e-bikes you can buy. The experience matches the specs and won't disappoint. You can find cheaper bikes, but Biktrix knows what they're doing, and they're a great company to deal with both before and after purchasing. It's an awesome bike at a good price and I can't recommend it enough.

Overall I couldn't be happier I made the decision to order the Juggernaut. It hasn't been that long but it's already having a positive impact on my life."

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The Wren Fork

I’m very happy with this inverted fork that Biktrix installed on my Ultra XD. Once you pump up the upper chamber you can tell the sag from sitting on it. Then add about 10 pounds to the bottom section or what feels right. It has a rebound wheel on the right side that’s very accessible. It’s seems infinitely adjustable to the rider and terrain. I’m still learning but already I know it’s for me. It’s pricey but very well built and management is very responsible with questions.

Gorman Electric Mountain Bike

It is intended to reside in Crested Butte CO but I had it delivered to Houston so I could familiarize on it on flat ground. So far so good. The real test will be next spring when we return to the mountains.

Awesome. Better Than Expected

I really like this bike. Functionally, amazing. I wish there were more style choices.

Monte Capro Lite
Luis Solivan

This is an amazing space age technology bike. The carbon fiber body allows you to fly. A thrilling experience. The quality of the bike, element, electronics are without compare.

Kutty FS
Randy Jacobs


Early Bird Juggernaut XD
Dennis Sulgrove

Nice Ride! Can be a workout if you don't use the battery! If you use the battery not getting enough miles per charge as I would of liked. But quality top notch. Everything has and is working perfect. Thank's Dennis

8000 w

200 Amps down low, this Wren Kit is Fn crazy strong ...

Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra Duo 2 Step-Over

Very nice bike. Amazingly fast turnaround. Received new bike within 2 weeks. Well packaged and easy to assemble. A lot of fun!

Custom/Consumable Item
Charles Crimmel
A long list of problems

I like my bike but it has been a long road of issues. Upon arrival the head light was damage, The tire tube was bad, It was almost impossible to install the new tub in the tier and attach to the rim, The main bite battery was not wired , had to do this myself, last was the issue with the real wheel staying on. I hope this ends with the parts you sent me that will keep the real wheel from rotating.

It’s a whole new experience.

Now I have 160 miles on my Biktrix Ultra XD. I’ve had it one week and all the riding has been on rough, rutted, rocky, mountain mining roads here in Colorado. It is so powerful it climbs the steep 25% grades easily. The right hand grip throttle is sensitive as a radio dial. I can creep around obstacles or hit them with some speed. In dried up creek beds I can leave the pedals at 3 and 9 o’clock and just use the throttle where I used to get off and use the walk mode on my Ultra FS.
I can use the gears to get plenty of exercise, but it’s tempting to throttle up and pass jeeps as they slowly climb the rough spots I can go around. I can’t imagine a finer Ebike. Such power, such fun. I’m going to put on the studded tires this winter and see the same county when Winter covers it in snow. I’ve not been in power level 5 as I’m afraid to try it and haven’t needed it.

Cell Phone Mount
Timothy Woo
Cell phone mount

Works well thus far

Swift Step-Over 2
Jean-Pierre Adam
Entièrement satisfait

La qualité d'assemblage du cadre et de la peinture sont excellentes.
Le cadre est certes moins rigide qu'un cadre en triangle, (ma selle est en position assez haute vu ma grandeur, ce qui accentue l'effet de levier de la partie arrière dans des conditions plus difficiles) mais il est tout à fait suffisant pour un usage sur route et même dans les sentiers forestiers rocailleux.
Pour ma part, j'aime bien rouler dans les sentiers parfois accidentés et j'ai donc changé ma position de conduite en y mettant un guidon droit pour plus de maniabilité en sentiers mais le guidon d'origine donne une position de conduite très confortable.
Avec la batterie de base je fais autour de 120km en mettant l'assistance à 5 (maximum) et en roulant autour de 30km/h avec un peu de côtes.
L'autonomie est excellente.
En mettant l'assistance à 1 en sentiers forestiers en montagne à basse vitesse je reviens de 5 heures et demie de route et la batterie (de base) est encore à 75%.
Avec l'accélérateur c'est très facile de démarrer dans une côte abrupte (en se mettant également en première vitesse).
Ce vélo est parmi les plus légers dans les vélos électriques et il est donc facile à utiliser aussi sans aucune assistance.
En tout cas je suis très satisfait de mon nouveau vélo.

Great bike

About 100 miles on it so far, and I love it. Fast and fun to ride. Being able to use the motor throughout all the gears is great on all the hills in my area. Riding it involves a lot of attention to the controls though because it rides more like a mountain bike. If you want an easy electric riding experience without having to shift and always think about what gear you're in than this isn't the model for you.

Handlebar Water Bottle Mount

A must have.

Juggernaut Classic 9
Richard Revis
Juggernaut Jumpin

Bike is as sturdy as a horse! Rode 25 miles yesterday and barely broke a sweat 😎. Bike is really fast, almost too powerful😎

Juggernaut Ultra Duo 3 Step-Thru

Exceeding every expectations thus far

surprisingly easy to use

My pass levels were not smoothly transitioning from one level to the next. When I checked with the programing cable, level one was set at 57%, level 2 at 60% and on from there. I was able to program graduated pass levels using the cable with an adapter from my phone. And an app called "Speed config tool" providing very noticeable improvement in PASS levels.

Monte Capro Ultra
Larry West
Impressive Bike

I'm an Adventure motorcycle rider (KTM 990 Adventure) and love the dirt. But with a big bike you can't hit the bike trails, parks, ski resorts and sidewalks. The Monte Capro Ultra lets me go anywhere quickly. I bought it because it weights about 25 lbs. less than most due to the carbon fiber frame. I got the fat tire option as I'm taking it to Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort for the winter. I can easily lift it into a bike rack for transporting. The bike arrived at my home 5 days from purchase with no problems. I did have a couple questions and received answers back from Biktrix very promptly. Sweet bike operationally and with the full suspension it floats over obstacles. I'm 6'2 and the bike fit me well. I did add some handlebar risers as I like sitting more upright and that did the trick to give me more of a cruiser posture very similar to my Adventure bike.

Range Extender Kit
Jodie Lewis

Range Extender Kit

Range Extender Kit
gary monnecka
range extender kit

Ordered my extender battery it came quick and in perfect working order. The team was great to work with and very knowledgeable Always a pleasure.


Yes! Thanks! Nice addition to bike. My first front suspension bike so it feels stable and cushions like I was hoping!

Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro 2
stephen bardfield

I live in New York, in the heart of the Catskill mountains where every hill leads to another hill. We are are 600m elevation and there are no straight or flat roads. My health is of the utmost importance having had a bi lateral knee replacement 8 years ago biking is what keeps all the moving parts moving. At 76 I need a little help on those uphill grades and my FS Pro 2 does that. We usually ride for 40-50 k every other day. Plenty of battery and more than I need. As all these roads are secondary we have a fair amount of rough terrain and with the extra suspension I barely feel a bump Always and easily in control the entire ride. Just incredible.

I was out of town for a week when it came, easy assembling, and have only put 30km on it so far, and I love it



Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro
Roberto De Macedo
Better than I expected,

The bike is all I was expecting and way more, The shipping and communication was spot on and very quick to reply to changes that I requested after the purchase. And I just had the best time ever riding trails whit my son in Colorado, no disappointments only great times … thanks