Biktrix Rider Profile: Tirzah Cooper

Biktrix Rider Profile: Tirzah Cooper

At the age of 36, Tirzah Cooper was dealt life-altering news: the healthy and active mother-of-two had been diagnosed with breast cancer. While undergoing aggressive treatment to prepare for surgery, Tirzah often found herself drained and unable to participate in some of her favorite activities. That’s where Biktrix came in!

With an eBike, Tirzah was able to once again enjoy bike rides with her family. The pedal-assist allows for a comfortable pace while the thumb throttle eliminates the risk of becoming too fatigued to make it back home. 

The Juggernaut Hub Duo was specifically chosen for it’s versatility and ease-of-use; the wide tread of the 26x4” tires provides ample stability and confidence to explore all types of terrain, while the 750 Watt hub motor is simple to operate and ideal for casual riders.

For superior illumination during evening rides, Tirzah’s eBike was outfitted with Biktrix’s own 2000 Lumen Armageddon headlight. Not only ensuring the road is lit up, but also providing extra visibility for the rider!

Finally, Tirzah opted to make her eBike truly unique with a custom paint job: a bright, vibrant pink that symbolized her own personal battle with breast cancer.


With her surgery now successfully complete, Tirzah continues to promote breast cancer advocacy with the help of her custom Biktrix eBike. We feel privileged to be part of her inspirational journey and wish Tirzah all the best in her recovery and wellness! 

For more on Tirzah, see her instagramTikTok, and website


Full Testimonial:

I am so in love with my pink Biktrix Electric Bike! 

Since my recent Breast Cancer diagnosis and going through chemotherapy has been really hard on my body. I am such an active person and I just don’t have the energy anymore to do the things I love doing, like biking.

Having an electric bike is a game changer. It has made it possible to still do the things I love, and when I get tired, the electric pedal assist comes to my rescue! 

I have never used an electric bike before and the Biktrix staff was incredibly helpful and patient with me when explaining how to use the bike properly. They took the time to show me every detail on the bike and made sure I was confident in how to use it before I left the store. 

It was one of the staff members who told me I could get a custom colour. To me this isn’t just a pink bike, it represents Breast Cancer and the journey I am on. Every time I ride it I am reminded to be grateful I am still able to enjoy doing the things I love.

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