Why You Should Buy an Electric Bike

Why You Should Buy an Electric Bike

Getting out and seeing the world, the adventure of an undiscovered road stretching out in front of you for miles, the wind in your hair, the sun on your face… Or, you know, you might just hate pedaling up hill. Whatever your reason for considering buying an ebike online, you’ve made the important step of looking for more information before taking the plunge. Smart move.


In this post we’re looking at the advantages of buying an E-Bike. Why should you part with your hard earned cash? What is it about an E-bike which is just so much fun, so irresistible? Okay, I’m overselling it just a tad, but E-Bikes are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Of course, like anything, there are well made E-Bikes and then there are… Well… Not so well made E-Bikes (we happen to make great ones). But don’t worry, we’re here to help cut through all of that in this series, so without further adieu, let’s take a look at the most compelling reasons why you should invest in an electronic bike.

Make Life Easier

Relaxing in the park

We touched on this, but it’s true, E-bikes make cycling a breeze, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit as well (more on that in a minute). E-biking is about convenience, using robust, new technologies to transform how we travel and how we enjoy cycling.

This includes:

  • Tackling Hills: You might be building your fitness up and feel a hill on your route is too much for you at that stage, or you might just want to make a steep incline a bit easier; either way, an E-bike let’s you race up hills in style and comfort.

  • Easy on the Joints: If you have some issues with your knees, then an E-bike can help alleviate them. Whenever you experience some pain, let the motor take over and minimize any repetitive strain. You can pedal lightly and let the bike do the rest.

  • Conquer the Elements: Well, you won’t exactly conquer them, but E-biking does make cycling in difficult conditions much easier. I’m not saying you’ll be able to pop out to the store on your E-bike in the middle of a full scale hurricane, but that extra bit of power helps when trying to cycle through a high wind or over snow.

  • Get Fit, Stay Fit, Feel Amazing

    Now it might sound like an E-bike is the latest way 21st century civilization has found to pile on the pounds and get a little wider around the middle; but E-bikes aren’t about that at all. It’s about making some situations easier, about knowing that if you need it, the motor is there to assist you.

    Repeat after me: It’s not a motorbike.

    Well done, you’re now a member of the club. The I can have an E-bike and still work my ass off club. Don’t worry, we’re working on the title. The important takeaway point here is that E-bikes make you fit through:

  • Encouragement: E-bikes make cycling so enjoyable that you’re way more likely to head out on one than a normal bike, simply because you know you always have that motor to fall back on. The more you cycle, the more you burn fat.

  • Low Impact: Forget jogging (sorry joggers), but cycling provides a way to get all the cardiovascular exercise you need without the harsh impact on your joints.

  • Pedal Assist: Make no mistake, you still need to pedal on an E-bike! But with pedal assist technology, you’ll be able to keep pedalling at a constant pace without being over or under exerted. Go at the pace you want regardless of the roads, and you’ll be able to significantly increase your fitness without injury, and enjoy the world going by at the speed you want.

  • Mountain-biking 2.0

    When I was a kid, there were three types of bike I loved: BMX, mountain, and racer. Over time I’ve fallen away from BMXs and racers, but my love of mountain biking has remained. Using a heavy duty ebike is a great way to take mountain biking to the next level.

    E-bikes supercharge mountain biking:

    Accessibility: One of the stumbling blocks for mountain biking is that it’s often only accessible to those who have built up experience over the years, or those who have the fitness to take on the terrain. Our heavy duty electric bikes opens up mountain-biking to a wider population by carrying the rider across difficult surfaces and gradients with ease.

      Freshness: Sounds weird, I know, but bear with me. I love mountain biking, but on some exceptionally steep inclines, when I get to the top I can’t enjoy the downhill quite as much. I didn’t even realize this was the case until I used an E-bike. If I think I’m going to be exhausted, I’ll kick up the motor power and then I can come at the downhill, fresh, aware, and ready to handle the most dangerous part of mountain biking - the way back down!

      Fat Bikes Are King

      biktrix juggernaut HD duo

      Fat tire carbon ebikes are the future. That’s not a slur by the way, in the biking world fat is good. In an upcoming post I’ll be showing you exactly why fat bikes are so great, but for now here’s a quick rundown of fat E-bikes and why you should consider them. They involve a much wider tyre than usual and have been combined with E-bike technology to provide the cutting edge of biking. If you’re looking for an E-bike, you should seriously consider a fat bike in terms of:

      • Comfort: Because fat bikes distribute the weight of the rider more evenly, with more surface area touching the ground, the ride is so much smoother than on a normal bike.
      • Balance: It’s easier to balance on a fat bike, reducing the risk of any embarrassing or dangerous accidents. It feels poised, stable, and ready for anything.
      • New Frontiers: More surface area means more grip. More grip means these bikes can handle difficult terrain more readily. Also, because the weight is distributed over a larger area, you can ride over sand, snow, and other material much easier.

      Stay Glued to Biktrix

      That’s all for today’s post. Be sure to come back for more tutorials, product reviews, and e-biking news. Let us know what you think the advantages of E-biking are in the comments section below, and as always, check out our store for high quality, affordable customizable e-bikes and accessories ready to take you on your next adventure.

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