Monte Capro Ultra vs Watt Wagons Hydra

Monte Capro Ultra vs Watt Wagons Hydra

Experienced cyclists and downhill riders need to feel confident in the handling and responsiveness of their ride. When you’re navigating tight corners at high speeds, you’re hyper-aware of every extra ounce you’re carrying. Since an eBike’s motor, battery, and other unique components add to its overall weight, those needing to keep their ride as nimble as possible should consider choosing an electric bike with a carbon fiber frame, as it’s lighter than traditional aluminum. Two electric bikes that feature both powerful motors and lightweight carbon fiber frames are the Biktrix Monte Capro Ultra and the Watt Wagons Hydra. What sets these two eBikes apart?

Comparison Table:


Biktrix Monte Capro Ultra

Watt Wagons Hydra


Bafang M620 Ultra Mid-drive, 1000W

Bafang M620 Ultra Mid-drive, 1000W


48V, 17.5Ah, 840Wh

48V, 18.3Ah, 880Wh

Drive Mode

Cadence/Torque sensing pedal assist

Cadence/Torque sensing pedal assist

Total Weight (battery installed)

61-65 lbs 

65 lbs 

Wheel Sizes

26x4.8", 27.5x2.8"

26x4", 26x4.8"

Payload Capacity

265 lbs

290 lbs

Please note that the specifications may vary depending on the specific model and configuration of each electric bike. Specs are accurate as of the publication date.


Both bikes feature the same Bafang M620 Ultra mid-drive motor with a power output of 1000W, making them both reliable and powerful choices for adventure riders. However, when it comes to the battery, the Hydra has a slightly larger 48V, 18.3Ah, 880Wh battery compared to the Monte Capro Ultra's 48V, 17.5Ah, 840Wh battery. This additional capacity might give the Hydra a higher range of distance, but when factoring in the many elements that affect range, the 40Wh of difference between the two options is negligible.

The Monte Capro Ultra shines in its wheel sizes, with options of either 26x4.8" or 27.5x2.8" (boost) wheels. The boost wheels are often opted for by riders who desire a more traditional mountain biking experience, while the 26x4.8” offer great stability and surface area. The Hydra, however, offers two different 26” tires of slightly different width’s: 4” and 4.8”.

When it comes to payload, the Hydra’s 290-pound rating is slightly higher than the Monte Capro Ultra’s payload capacity of 265 lbs. However, these bikes aren’t typically used for hauling cargo so a high payload rating may not be critical for the majority of riders.

Finally, let's talk about weight. The Monte Capro Ultra’s fat tire (26x4.8” wheelset) is 65 pounds with the battery installed; equal to the total weight of the Hydra. But users will notice a slight difference when riding the Monte Capro’s boost (27.5x2.8” wheelset) frame, as it has an overall weight of 61 pounds. When every pound matters, the Monte Capro Ultra’s boost frame provides a more nimble and responsive ride.

Monte Capro Ultra Pros and Cons:


  • Multiple wheel size options for better traction and stability
  • Payload capacity of 265 lbs


  • Slightly lower battery capacity compared to the Hydra
  • Payload capacity is lower than the Hydra's

Watt Wagons Hydra Pros and Cons:


  • High-capacity battery
  • Higher payload capacity compared to the Monte Capro Ultra


  • Heavier and less nimble compared to the Monte Capro Ultra’s boost frame


In conclusion, if you're an adventure rider looking for a high-quality electric bike to reliably and effortlessly get you to the top (and bottom) of technical trails, we highly recommend the Biktrix Monte Capro Ultra. It’s got the power and torque needed to carry you up the mountain, the handling and responsiveness to get you down technical trails, and the battery life to extend your adventure by hours and hours. Remember: when you rely on an electric motor to get you through the toughest part of your route, you can preserve your energy for multiple runs or longer explorations!

The lightweight and full-suspension frame of the Biktrix Monte Capro series provide an enhanced riding experience (image credit: Cole Wright). 

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