Production Update - Ultra Duo Step-Over

Production Update - Ultra Duo Step-Over

July 1, 2021


Hello Ultra Duo Crew,

I would like to start this blog off with a big THANK YOU for your patience as we work hard to get you rolling. We appreciate your support and understanding as we work through the various delays and hold-ups on the journey to get you riding. 

I am reaching out today, specifically to the folks who had selected the Copper option when choosing their Ultra Duo. 

Good news: Originally, the Ultra Duo was spec'd to come with RST Guide entry level fork. We have now upgraded this particular variant of the bike to RST Renegade Spring fork ($500 upgrade) and the original bike was spec'd for a 9 speed Shimano drivetrain and we have upgraded this one to have a 11 speed SRAM drivetrain (worth $250). So these are the two free upgrades worth $750. 

We have received photos of the completed paint job from our manufacturing and were not able to secure the originally planned copper color as seen in this photo of a Juggernaut Classic Duo.

Instead, the Ultra duo “copper” which was later called “rose gold” will be the color seen below. We have renamed it Chocolate Pearl. It is a fun,  unique, and dynamic colour. These bikes have arrived in:

Large frame, 27.5x3 wheels

Medium frame, 26x4 wheels

We understand that many of you were set on the Original copper option and we do apologize for the inconvenience. You are welcome to switch to any of the other color options currently offered

Just send us a note here to let us know which one you would prefer. 

If we don’t hear from you we will assume you are good with the Chocolate Pearl colour and that is what will ship when the time comes. We will be emailing this to all impacted orders.

Please note that waiting for the other/original copper colour is not an option as it not going to be available on this model.

While we have your attention, a quick note on shipping timelines. We have recently posted updates here. Once they arrive, our team will be getting them built up and turned around as quickly as we are able. You will get email updates once we start processing your build and another with tracking as soon as it ships. 

Thank you again for your support, understanding, and patience. 

We truly appreciate you all. 

Have a great day

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