Reach Your Resolutions on an eBike

Reach Your Resolutions on an eBike

It’s estimated that more than half of all New Years resolutions made are fitness and health related. Of those, fewer than 1 in 10 resolutions are successfully kept, with most people giving up on their resolutions within 2 months of making them.  In fact, the second Friday of January has been dubbed, "Quitter's Day" by the fitness tracking app Strava.

Attempting to force yourself into fitness by purchasing a gym membership can be an expensive risk; one study suggests 80% of new gym signups don’t last 6 months. Plus, you’re forced into using shared areas and equipment only available during hours that may not be convenient for you.

Studies have shown electric bicycles allow users to achieve a workout similar to traditional bicycles, so don't let anyone tell you an eBike is "cheating"!

By utilizing an eBike to help reach your fitness goals, you’re not only able to exercise at a comfortable pace on your own schedule, but you’re also getting outdoors and exploring (besides, fresh air always smells better than the stale sweat attached to gym equipment)! Not to mention the money you’ll save on fuel by using your eBike for simple errands instead of an automobile!

Time and time again, Biktrix owners report their eBikes have enhanced their lives by opening up new destinations and creating more opportunities to exercise.

Make this year your best one ever! Hop on the trail to enhanced health, wellness, and enjoyment with an electric bike from Biktrix.

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