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23 Products Found
23 Products Found
Demo Model Save £343
Neon Blue Stunner LT 5 26"

Neon Blue Stunner LT 5 26"

Sale price£1,541 Regular price£1,884
Demo Model Save £343
Pearl White Stunner X 6 26x4

Pearl White Stunner X 6 26x4

Sale price£1,969 Regular price£2,312
Demo Model Save £342
Pearl White Swift Step-Thru 2 Large

Pearl White Swift

Step-Thru 2 Large
Sale price£1,370 Regular price£1,712
Open Box Save £299
Red Biktrix Courier (2018)

Red Biktrix Courier (2018)

Sale price£942 Regular price£1,241
Demo Model Save £600
Red Monte Capro Lite

Red Monte Capro Lite

Sale price£3,425 Regular price£4,025
Demo Model Save £343
Satin Black Juggernaut Classic 8

Satin Black Juggernaut Classic 8

Sale price£2,055 Regular price£2,398
Open Box Save £342
Satin Red Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro 1

Satin Red Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro 1

Sale price£3,340 Regular price£3,682
Demo Model Save £257
Satin Red Swift Step-Over 2

Satin Red Swift

Step-Over 2
Sale price£1,199 Regular price£1,456
Open Box Save £856
Yellow Monte Capro Ultra 1 27.5x2.8

Yellow Monte Capro Ultra 1 27.5x2.8

Sale price£4,282 Regular price£5,138

Ex-Demo Electric Bikes for Sale

Are you looking for a reliable, high-quality eBike online but you’re on a tighter budget? Finances often narrow down people’s options when it comes to electric bikes. The best ones available can be extremely expensive, which leads many to compromise on quality in order to be able to own a bike. But that doesn’t have to be the case. You deserve to own a bike you can rely on and that meets all your requirements, even if you don’t have all the money in the world. Ever heard of ex-demo electric bikes? They might be your solution.

Why Buy an Ex-Demo Bike?

If you’re still undecided about choosing between a demo bike and a brand new one, you should also know that price isn’t the only reason why demo bikes can be an excellent choice. There are plenty of other benefits too.

  • Save money by buying at a reduced cost
  • Receive high-quality and reliability and always know what you’re buying, unlike with second-hand
  • Get a bike that’s ready to ride, without needing to assembly, do safety checks, charge the battery, etc
  • Expect a bike that is free of glitches and issues and has been tested before you ride it
  • You’ll get a bike that’s had an easy life with low mileage and no damage
  • Biktrix bikes are made to order, and while our delivery times are fast, that does naturally take some time, but receiving an ex-demo bike is much faster if you’re eager to get in the saddle

Is an Ex-Demo Bike Right for You?

Buying an ex-demo bike isn’t the right choice for everyone. Ultimately, it comes down to what matters most to you. If you want a bike with no mileage or no noticeable signs of usage that looks flawless and is brand new, and if you think that’s worth paying extra for, then buy a new bike. If the financial aspect matters more, buy a demo bike. After all, you’ll create your own wear and tear soon enough, right? Also consider if you can find an ex-demo bike that meets your specifications. If your needs from a bike are more specialized, you might need to check out the Biktrix range of customizable and new eBikes such as our Carbon Fiber eBike or if you're looking for something with more power such as the Moped-style electric bike collection instead.

Ex-Demo Electric Bikes Flash Sale

Is a demo bike right for you? We might have just the thing you’re looking for. Check out the demo electric bikes for sale on the Biktrix website to see what we have available right now, we're available all over the US from supplying ebikes to Charlotte NC folks online to Cincinnati ebike riders. Condition and mileage are always described so you know what to expect, and you’ll save hundreds of dollars compared to buying one of our bikes new. Read Less

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