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31 Products Found
31 Products Found
Monte Capro Ultra 2

Monte Capro Ultra 2

Sale price£5,138

11-Speed SRAM

1000W Mid-Drive

Up To 40mi




160Nm Torque

26x4, 27.5x2.8 Tires

Cadence + Torque Sensor

On-Demand Throttle

Juggernaut Classic Duo Step-Thru

9-Speed Shimano

750W Mid-Drive

Up To 65mi

Up to 1898Wh



120Nm Torque

24x4, 26x4, 27.5x3 Tires

Cadence Sensor

On-Demand Throttle

virtual showroom icon
Juggernaut Hub Duo Small Step-Thru

9-Speed Shimano

750W Hub-Drive

Up To 75mi

Up to 1898Wh



80Nm Torque

20x4 Tires

Cadence + Torque Sensor

On-Demand Throttle

New Save £171Pre-Sale
Swift X

Swift X

Sale price£1,541 Regular price£1,712

9-Speed Shimano

500W Hub=Drive

Up To 70km




60Nm Torque

29x2.25 Tires

Torque Sensor

On-Demand Throttle

**Bright Red Powdered Coated

11 Speed SRAM

1000W/2300W Mid-Drive

Up To 55mi

Up To 1200wh



160Nm Torque

27.5x3, 26x4, 26x4.8 Tires

Cadence + Torque Sensor

On-Demand Throttle

Save £1,113
Juggernaut Ultra Duo 3 Step-Thru Sale

Juggernaut Ultra Duo 3

Step-Thru Sale
Sale price£2,997 Regular price£4,110

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Every once in a while, a company comes along in a new or existing marketplace, and they just get it right. Everybody loves them, their product is excellent, and they are attractively priced. Today, that company is Biktrix. We offer premium quality eBikes that are made in Canada but sold directly to the public from our warehouse. We don’t use retail distribution channels and prefer to get the product to the customer at a price that’s affordable to more people.

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When we speak of top quality, we mean it. Our customers are leaving testimonials telling the world that the Biktrix range of 20 models oozes class. Doesn't matter if it's our carbon fiber eBikes or if it's our collection of ebikes with 35 mph, we provide a wider range, power and perform better than our competition, making us industry leaders and best in class for spec-to-price ratios. You simply cannot purchase a better eBike for the money.

Anybody unsure about whether an eBike is for them needs to give us a call and have a chat. We build to custom specifications. Your eBike is built for you and nobody else. So, it will be the right size and you’ll be supported in the servicing routine, by our eBike experts. Our models have won the company a coveted award, the Deloitte 50 winner for Clean Technology (Canada), an example of how Biktrix stand out as a manufacturer and supplier of quality equipment.

Biktrix – Supplying eBikes Online to Atlanta since 2014

The backstory to Biktrix is an indicator of the quality we insist on providing in every sector of our business. Formed in 2014 by our founder and CEO Roshan Thomas, we have grown to a sophisticated team of 50 personnel, all dedicated to providing quality customer service. This customer focus has been the bedrock of our success. We feel that if the quality is exemplary and the price is right, the only other way we can improve the customer’s experience is through a blue-chip service.

Give us a try today. We have eBike experts waiting to have a chat about your cycling plans and how we can package a deal just for you. There are a few ways to contact us. You can book a video or phone call with one of our team, who can take you through the virtual showroom. Email us at if you prefer to. We’ll get back to you straight away. Telephone any of our Support Centers for assistance. The teams there are always ready to help.

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