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Our commitment to quality and performance shines through in every part and component of our ebikes. From state-of-the-art motors and batteries to precision-engineered frames and intuitive control systems, Biktrix offers an unparalleled riding experience.
22 Products Found
22 Products Found
24x3 - Chaoyang MTB tires
24x4 - Innova Fat Tire
27.5x3 - EVO Knotty Tire
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24x3 - Innova Semi-Slick Tire

24x3 - Innova Semi-Slick Tire

Sale price£34 Regular price£42
20x4 - Kenda Krusade Tire
Save £17
** Unstudded Tire

26x4.8" Fat Tire (Vee Snow Shoe XL)

Sale price£91 Regular price£108
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26x4 CST Toboggan Studded Tire

26x4 CST Toboggan Studded Tire

Sale price£125 Regular price£134
26x4 Chaoyang MTB Tires Takeoff
24x3 Kenda Flame Semi-Slick
24x3 Kenda Semi-Slick Tire
700x38c Vee Rubber VRB185
27.5x3 Tervail Coronado Tire