This gear sensor is a great way to get smoother shifting with your mid-motored eBike.

A common issue that folks run into is that when they shift when the motor is on power, the gears make a not-so-smooth transition - leading to loud bangs when the shift happens.

This gear sensor recognizes a gear shift by monitoring shifter cable movement and temporarily cuts power, leading to smoother shifts.

This gear lets your bike's derailleur cable run through it.

* Note BBSHD motors already have a connection spot for a Gear Sensor right on the motor. BBS02 DOES NOT have this extra Higo connection.

Options for adding gear sensor to BBS02:

  1. Plug it into one of the brakes (this would mean that only one of your brakes had engine cut off).
  2. Use our y-splitter to get cut off on both brakes and a gear sensor.

* Note this gear sensor only works on bikes with a derailleur. Does not work with IGH.