Biktrix Hitch Rack

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Our new Hitch Racks make it easy to travel with full-size ebikes, with up to five-inch fat tire compatibility! With secure rigging capabilities, you’ll be ready for travel, destination riding, camping, and all your outdoor adventures.

Available security features will give you peace of mind, providing robust methods of locking bikes and their components to the rack system, compatible with the majority of popular bike lock products on the market.

Whether you’re traveling alone or with company, our Hitch Rack is ready to make life easier. Our Solo (single bike) Hitch Rack weighs only 50 pounds, making it easy to install and remove from the vehicle for one person.

Biktrix Hitch Racks are manufactured right here in Saskatoon, Canada, by local shops employing the best processes in fabrication and eco-friendly powder coating paint. 

Instructions and Assembly Video can be found here.

Additional Features:

  • Loading ramp may be stowed in two different positions: either in the forward position closer to the vehicle, or in the rearward position for easier access. Extra thumb-screws are provided as spares.
  • Adjustable accessory brackets are provided, for easy mounting of license plate holders, trailer lights, etc (highway or city transit requirements vary by destination, please consult your local authority/websites for specific details)
  • Adjustable tire brackets are provided for a reliable hold on the bike, and should be adjusted to suit each bike (3x brackets per bike). Minimum tire width of 2 inch.
  • Security hardware may be positioned as needed, to tailor to individual bike needs for ease of loading and unloading.
  • Rigging bolts are standard ⅜-16 thread, zinc plated. Compatible with commonly-available hardware replacement from most hardware stores (10mm hardware will also fit).
  • Bike rack sections may be installed in either direction (curb-side or driver-side loading).
  • To assemble this you will need a 13mm Wrench, 15mm Wrench, Ratcheting Wrench with 13mm and 15mm sockets.

Vehicle Compatibility: Requires a class 3 or 4 hitch receiver (Truck, RV, etc)

Safety and Considerations:

It’s important to follow product assembly instructions correctly (assembly is required), and ensure the hitch rack is used in a safe manner. Be respectful of other drivers, do not load/unload bicycles in a traffic lane. Follow best practices with respect to rigging the bicycles securely on the rack, and check the load at regular intervals while travelling on highways or rough/uneven terrain and road surfaces. If possible, remove the battery from the bikes before loading.

Solo Hitch Rack: Carries one ebike.     
Dual Bike Hitch Rack: Two bike version.

Straps to secure your bike to the rack are included.
Security cables or locks not included - these can be purchased from your local bike shop or many other third party retailers.

Technical Specifications

Tray Length

80" / 2m

Weight (Solo)

22.7 kg / 50lbs

Length Added to Vehicle (Solo)

32" / 0.81m

Weight (Dual)

31.7 kg / 70lbs

Length Added to Vehicle (Dual)

48" / 1.2m

Max Capacity

45.3 kg / 100 lbs per bike


Bike Name Compatible
Juggernaut Classic / Classic Duo
Juggernaut HD / HD Limited
Juggernaut Ultra 1000 / Pro
Juggernaut Ultra FS / Ultra FS Pro
Juggernaut Hub Duo
Juggernaut Ultra Duo 1 / 2 / 3
Juggernaut Ultra Beast 1 / 2
Monte Capro Ultra
Monte Capro Lite
Stunner LT
Stunner Step-Thru/Over
Stunner X
Swift Step-Thru/Over
Swift Lite Step-Thru/Over
Kutty FS
Kutty / Kutty X / 2
Moto 20 / 24
Challenger 1 / 2
Skycap 1 / 2

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Customer Reviews

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Wilfred Gobert

Biktrix Hitch Rack

Gary Varner
Hitch review

Great design but many many rough edges on the aluminum pieces
Has to wear gloves to assemble
I will have to debur before use
I purchased a twin unit. It would we great to be able to remove the outside unit and only have a one bike carrier