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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Daniel Holgate
A great bike

It was great minus having to take it in to get the derailleur aligned. They did pay for having it done though. I would say my whole exp with them is 5 stars

Eric Whitney
So far so good!

My cadence sensor on my Juggernaut HD duo really helps getting up hills! It’s been Below Zero here this week and I only have 13 miles on my bike, but I absolutely love it so far! Beware because if you have it on the fourth or fifth level, the power is amazing. On level three out of the five levels seems to work the best with the cadence sensor. Plus I got this bike up to 43 mph on a flat Road!

Nice Cadence Sensor, but Different

The cadence sensor is interesting. It seems to be sensitive to both bike speed and pedaling speed. The faster you go on the bike, the more power to the motor. It almost simulates a torque sensor. It took a few miles to get used to it, but I like it. Also, the bike came with start pole set to 3. It was a bit sluggish, so I reset it to 1. Very nice now. Also, it looks like it is fairly easy to get atleast 35 miles on a battery charge.

Zachary Carey
Too much

The Cadence assist drains the battery to fast and I’m not getting anywhere near the 40-50 miles per charge. You need to come up with dual Batteries. ASAP

Thank you for your feedback, Zack. We are working on that!

Gerald Flaby Jr
Love the bike.

I love my new bike. I do think a high end bike like this need a torque sensor to go along with the cadence. The throttle uses a lot of the battery and I would rather depend on PAS

Paul Grabowsky
Cadence Sensor

Its not a true Cadence Sensor, it has several voltage inputs but does not add power to, match your input.