KMC 9-speed chain and quick link (130 links)

Sale price £25.00
Sale price £25.00
Shipping: Leaves within 6-7 business days


Keep your eBike’s transmission in full working order with this KMC 9-speed chain! This reliable component has 130 links and comes with one quick link to easily connect (and disconnect) your chain.

Elaborately designed and manufactured, this KMC chain provides smooth propulsion and gear changes in all riding situations.

The 130 Links on this chain should fit your 9 Speed Biktrix eBikes but confirm the amount of links your chain has before ordering to ensure you will have enough links. It may also be required to remove some links from this chain for it to function properly on your eBike! You can find a list of chain lengths found on some Biktrix eBikes here.

Technical Specifications

Number of Links





330 g / 0.72 lbs




Bike Compatible
Juggernaut Hub Duo
Juggernaut Classic Duo
Juggernaut Ultra Duo 1/2/4
Stunner X 6
Swift Step-Thru 2
Swift X
Other 9 Speed Biktrix eBikes
7/8 Speed Biktrix eBikes
11 Speed SRAM Biktrix eBikes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Donald Siebert
Break problem

Support was fantastic team helped with trouble shooting a break problem I was having & I was able to repair myself .

James Compagno

Fast service

Douglas Andrews

KMC 9-speed chain and quick link

Donald Brueggert

I ordered what I thought was the correct chain for my bike however, the chain that I received was too short. I was then advised that I should have ordered 2 chains to be sure that i would have enough links for a correct fit. This would have doubled the cost and left me with much chain that I would not need. I wrongly assumed that after providing you folks the order number of the bike that i purchased that you would have sent me the correct length of chain. I then went to Amazon and was able to find a KMC chain that did work. In face it was a bit too long and I was able to remove enough links and complete the repair. In review, I was very dissapointed in assuming that I was purchasing the correct chain from you.

Patrick Douglas

KMC 9-speed chain and quick link

Marshall Clark
BIKTRIX Recommended part IS WRONG PART

Extremely unprofessional. Double-checked the Biktrix recommended replacement chain for my Stunner 6. The part arrived and it is SIX links shorter than the chain the unit shipped with.