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Derailleur Hangers

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Broke the derailleur hanger on your eBike? View our assortment of replacement options and get back to riding! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Adam Gagnon


Charles Carr
Fits like a glove

I stripped the threads on my Juggernaut Ultra Derailleur hanger. Biktrix had several that were similar, so I sent them a couple of pictures. Within acouple of hours I had an email with the part #, Ordered online, was riding in 2 days. Great job Biktrix!!

Bernard Humphreys
Derailleur hanger

First class how quick it took to arrive most pleased. Could you please send me a email address if I need any more parts for my bike thank you.

Wayne Hovland
Biktrix, victim of parts shortages, tried hard.

The actual part I received required modification to fit my Stunner X. While delayed almost 10 days after my order, Biktrix did ship the item as "Priority" on Fed-Ex.

Wayne Hovland
Replacement Derailleur Hanger for Stunner X

Accidentally damaging my new-ish Stunner X's Derailleur and the Hanger required replacing both. All bike parts (especially E-Bikes) are scarce and are very difficult to get. I had to purchase a different model derailleur (better, but more expensive) but the Derailleur hanger bracket must be the 'right one'.
I think Biktrix is a great company. I would buy another bike from them without question.
The caveat: I received, from them, a replacement hanger that wasn't the correct one. It was the only one they had listed for my bike; was not sent until I'd spoken with at least 2 Biktrix representatives; was very expensive however they sent it priority/Fed-Ex.
2 weeks from order to receive part that took 3 days to get here. The part was wrong: however I modified it and managed to get it to work eventually. I will ad that while waiting, I did find the exact replacement hanger bracket from 2 other vendors, average cost just over $5 each, shipped. I received them 1 day after Biktrix item came that I'd modified and installed immediately.
The replacement derailleur I had to buy (online elsewhere, Biktrix did not have this) was exactly the same mounting (my new replacement was the Deore model, stock-original was the Aliva model). I'm happily riding again is the end result.
Summary: Hard to get part supplied required modification even tho' it was quite expensive. Biktrix did all they could in light of parts shortages. Even going so far as to upgrade shipping for me.