Looking for a rear rack for your Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro 2? This is what you need!

This rear cargo rack with a solid, integrated fender will keep you nice and dry while riding, allowing you to carry all the cargo you may want on the rear end of your bike!

Compatible with: Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro 2

Rack fitment on bikes other than those listed is not guaranteed.

Wondering about compatibility with your FS Pro Bike? Look at the attached images to help determine if this is compatible with your bike!


  • Rear Rack with Attached Rear Fender
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Front Fender (Compatibility not guaranteed)


Installation Instructions can be found here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews


Keith Bovaird

Full Suspension Rack and Fender Set

Robin Dennison
front fender no good why to attach

do not get how to put on front fender back no problem

Nice rack, stupid front fender

The rack seem sturdy and nice and so does the read fender.
The front fender is not really compatible with anything that Biktrix sell (neither the Renegate or Wren fork). You can try your luck and mount it with only one screw where the light goes on the Renegate, but the thing only lasted one week before the mount broke straight off even tho it's made of metal (Chineseum to be precise).

Edit to answer from Biktrix: that disclaimer is stupid if it's not compatible with anything you sell for this bike.. why even include it in the box. What is it even compatible with? Another bike..
Edit 2: They confirmed by email that the front fender won't work at all with this bike so don't get your hope up that you finally found a compatible one for this bike, it will go to the trash the second you get it. I still think the rack is worth it at this price tho.

Sorry that you missed the description which clearly says:


Rear Rack with Attached Rear Fender
Mounting Hardware
Front Fender (Compatibility not guaranteed)