Hidden Batteries for Duo, FS Pro Series & Stunner X 6

Sale price £492.00 Regular price£615.00Save £123
Sale price £492.00 Regular price£615.00
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This sleek internal battery is used in the Duo series of bikes along with other Biktrix models. A high-quality design provides reliable power and range to extend your ride!

    There are 48V and 52V versions of this battery available. Note that some bikes may not show proper battery level on the display for the 48V version.


    Bike Name 48V 52V
    Juggernaut Hub Duo
    Juggernaut Classic Duo
    Juggernaut HD Duo
    Juggernaut Ultra Duo 1/2/3
    Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro 1/2/3
    Juggernaut XD Duo
    Stunner X 6

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    David Vanderhoop

    Hidden Batteries for Duo, FS Pro Series & Stunner X 6

    Good battery and bike brand charger

    Battery is new and came with bike brand charger which is a plus, also the delivery time was surprising expedient which makes it feel like money well spent

    Kirby Patterson
    Great service

    Fast service love my classic Duo—regularly do 50 mile rides—doing a 109 mile ride this summer

    Roger Long
    Defective battery

    I purchased 2 e-bikes off of you at the same time about 18 months ago. Bikes have hardly been ridden. Both batteries have been treated the same, kept warm and charged. The chargers are both fine. One battery is fine, the other completely dead. After writing the company I was told that the battery’s were not theirs so they could do nothing for me. Basically “it’s not our problem”.
    I bought Canadian because I thought it was the right thing to do. These are not cheap offshore bikes we bought for our retirement. The support on the bikes seemed to be good from Bixtrix, I guess I didn’t ask about any support for the battery. Maybe you shouldn’t sell batteries at all if you don’t want to have anything to do with them. I now have two expensive bikes and can only ride one at a time. Buying another battery is very expensive and what if it only lasts 18 months? Try selling any used bike without loosing your shirt, especially if it is an electric bike with no battery. I am so sorry I bought two from the company. An electric bike without a battery is useless. If you can’t stand behind a defective battery there is no sense selling batteries at all.

    Patrick Murtagh
    Battery Failure

    Excellent response and follow up

    Frank V Africh
    Great customer warranty support

    Had a battery replaced under warranty. Biktrix staff promptly replaced it once the diagnostic testing steps were completed, which confirmed a dead battery.

    Chris Licodo
    Damaged packaging

    Battery seems well protected with foam and wrapped well. And likely coming from Canada, fedex wasn’t that kind to it.
    Drained it and recharged it, Seems okay. Maybe stiffer cardboard stock would help?


    I am amazed that I got this email after I already responded to you with a negative review and no one has reached out to see how we could become more satisfied. I will repeat what I sent in an email previously. We are still very disappointed that your company would not make any concessions considering we bought the bike in Calgary for $3600 in Nov 2021 and it already has a faulty battery and charger. We could not determine which. Your troubleshooting tips proved dangerous. Your only offer was that your battery was on sale which is no benefit because that deal was available to anyone. Even though it was off warranty you could have made good on it. We suspect it was faulty right from the start. I would like to know how many of your batteries have had this problem. What happens if the same thing occurs in 18 months?
    We have since found an electric tricycle elsewhere and the company has extraordinary customer service.
    When choosing your bike we were trying to "buy Canadian" which might not be actually true anyway. But considering what we now have into this Biktrix we ae not thrilled. And this is the second email I have received asking for our opinion. But no one has reached back to see how we could be compensated or more satisfied.