2-Bike Hitch Rack Carrier

Sale price £327.00
Sale price £327.00
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This E-bike Hitch Rack is specially designed to mount electric bikes on the back of your vehicle. It can be folded up when not in use and tilted downward for easy access. The design includes a locking hook pin, safety cable, and locking frame hook.


  • Made of durable steel material to ensure safety
  • Foldable design to save space
  • Easy to install and disassemble
  • Carry your bikes anywhere you want
  • Compatible with 2" receiver hitches
  • Compatibility: All bikes under 72lbs without battery mounted
  • Payload capacity: Maximum total payload capacity 65kg/145lbs, each bike should not exceed 32.5kg/72lbs when mounting two bikes. Can mount two of our eBikes at once
    • Can only carry one Challenger eBike at a time
  • Rack Weight: 20kg/44lbs


  • To enhance stability, remove your ebike's front basket and front fender before mounting them to the rack, and tighten all straps and telescoping bar clamps over the frames or wheels
  • Make sure to remove your ebike's battery
  • Fill the space closest to the car first
  • Driving speed shouldn't exceed 75 MPH and use caution when driving on complex road conditions

For information on installing the rack, please see our online help-desk article: here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Manuel Aldana

I purchased my Himiway fat tire about three weeks ago and I enjoy it very much. Can you tell me how many point I got with that purchase? I payed $1,600.

Manuel A.

I hesitated to purchase a bike for the last five years, after traveling in Bradenton I came across Himiway bikes. I enjoy ridin it very much. My brother in California will get his soon.

Jason Vance
Happy with the purchase

We got the hitch rack at the same time as our Juggernaut Hub Duos. It was easy to assemble and place on the back of our Durango. The bikes fit snuggly in position without bumping into each other even on rough roads. Happy with out purchase!

Gregg Lockhart

I have only used it once but it went together easily and mounted easily on the car. We drove today on some bumpy roads, had a quick unexpected stop and many turns and the bikes were solid throughout. So far I am very pleased.

Murray Bruce
Sent wrong part

I had requested the pull behind cargo hauler for the bike and was sent that can’t even use it I have a truck

Ian Stevenson

We won't be mounting this until spring so no review as yet

Ian Stevenson
Carrier Failure

We liked this carrier until we had a malfunction recently. The plastic tray (?) that the front tire sits in on the outer bike rake broke causing the bike to pivot downwards and hit the roadway. I suspect this was caused by jarring from hitting bumps in the road. Fortunately the only damage was to a brake lever which took the brunt of the hit. I don't think I could trust this carrier again to be able to withstand the weight of 2 Ebikes.