Battery Release Knob - Juggernaut Duo

Sale price £9.00
Sale price £9.00
Shipping: Leaves within 6-7 business days


Keep your Juggernaut Duo's battery secure in your eBike's frame with this replacement battery release knob. Compatible with all Biktrix Juggernaut Duo eBikes and Stunner X 6. Comes with the hardware needed for installation (mounting screw).

Technical Specifications


Release Knob, Mounting Screw

Knob Material


Screw Size

M3x10mm - 0.5mm Thread Pitch




Bike Name Compatible
Juggernaut Hub Duo (All Versions)
Juggernaut Classic Duo (All Versions)
Juggernaut HD Duo
Juggernaut Ultra Duo (All Versions)
Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro (All Versions)
Juggernaut XD Duo
Stunner X 6
Other Biktrix eBikes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
MBC Glenn Kirkham
Awesome inventory and quick delivery

I was surprised that everything I needed was readily available and how quickly the order was processed and shipped

Kendall Smith
Biktrix asked for a review for the battery release knob I purchased

I purchased a replacement knob for the battery release. It was shipped the same day and made it to Vermont in two days. Awesome customer service. The knob came, all shiny and clean. It was brand new. I took the old broken one out ad the new release knob gives me a nice piece to get my fingers on and it turns just like a well made lever would. This is one of the best turn-y things I've ever turned. It's like it was made for fingers.

Elwood Lindquist

Mine shattered and I needed a new one so to my surprise they are available
Got a new one works perfect

John Appleseed
Replacement battery thumb lock

My battery thumb lock on Hub Duo broke. It was made of plastic. Biktrix support sent me a metal one as a replacement. That is good because it now will never break again. The support of Biktrix is very good. They are very fast to respond if you have a problem with your bike. The bikes are not perfect, no bike is. Any bike can have a defect. But what makes a bike great is if the company that sells it, supports it. Biktrix does that.

Gregg Lockhart
Nice improvement

The original knob was plastic and broke easily while the replacement appears to be metal and obviously much more durable.

Denis Mercier

No issues with rectifying my problem.
Shipping took longer than expected but I’m happy and know that shipping times are out of your hands.

Stephen Maritsch

All good

Patrick Murtagh

Awesome service Battery was replaced immediately

Steve Daykin
release knob

price was fine for the part, but for something the size of a bottle cap the shipping was absurd.