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The Duo series. ebikes for everyone.

The Juggernaut Duo Series is all about flexibility. Hub-drive or mid-drive, step-over or step-thru, single battery or dual battery, entry-level or high-end. No matter your needs, there's probably a Duo for you.

Watch this video to see how The 3 Duo models stack up.

simple. capable. affordable.

The Hub Duo is our most user-friendly & affordable eBike in the Juggernaut family. Thanks to the 750W hub-drive motor, you'll get an easy-going ride with plenty of power to boost you up those tough hills. Mix that with our 5-star customer service and you've got yourself a perfect entry-level eBike.

bells & whistles? you bet.

750W Hub Motor

The powerful hub-drive motor features 750 watts of power and 80Nm of torque. This allows you to span cities, climb hills, and explore all the places you want to go with ease.

Optional Range Extender

Multiple range-extender battery options can expand your eBike's range all the way to 100 miles.

LCD Display

The LCD display shows all kinds of important information about your ride including speed, battery life, range, odometer, pedal assist level and more.

Suspension Fork

The RST Guide fork provides 80mm of travelwith pre-load, lockout, and rebound adjustability


From climbing hills to holding maximum speed on the flats, the Shimano 9-speed drivetrain has you covered.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

When it's so easy to go fast, you need strong stopping power. These hydraulic disc brakes will quickly and reliably bring you to a halt.

Integrated Front Light

This bright LED light is powered by the bike's battery and can be turned on/off with a button on the handlebar control pad.

Rack & Fenders

These fenders will keep you and your bike clean. Need to carry some gear? Strap on the rear rack and make your way!

Rear Light

The bright red rear light helps you ride with more confidence at night.

Technical Specifications

Size & Fittings

20" Tire Step-Thru

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Steven Schmidt
New hub duo

Short version,a10 + . Long version battery cover was off on arrival and fell off on my first ride. It is now taped in place and needs a permanent fix. Thumb throttle is an on/off switch. Can I just unplug. I twist throttle would be better. To summarize, riding is a blast. Steve

Jason Coon
Life changing in a wonderful way

These bikes are amazing! I’ve been active much of life, with a wall full of event medals to show for it. About four years ago I suffered a hip injury that really slowed me down, I put on weight, got depressed and thought my adventure days were behind me. Then I got this bike and in just six days I’ve already gone 200 miles and explored areas I thought were beyond my reach. It’s opened up so many possibilities and I’m already planning longer rides and trips with the bike.

It is built very sturdy, I’ve taken it up some very steep loose gravel hills and some barely-there trails through the woods and it’s handled everything I’ve thrown at it. This past weekend I did a range test, I rode 70-miles on PAS 1 and returned home with 55% battery left on a dual 17.5ah (35ah total) setup.

This bike is everything I hoped it would be and more. It’s so liberating knowing that hills and distance aren’t really an issue anymore, and if I want to arrive somewhere fresh I just use PAS 5 so I don’t break a sweat. The bike will allow you to work as much or as little as you want. If you want a workout it can do that, if you want little to no effort transportation it can do that too.

If you used to be active, or want to be active but life and injuries have slowed you down and prevented you from getting out, this could be the ticket to getting back to what you love doing.

Do pay attention to the sizing guides. These bikes are bigger and heavier than your old 10-speed. When in doubt or on the line between two sizes you will probably be better off with the smaller one.

I went with a dual battery setup because I heard people talk about how these bikes encourage you to get out more often and stay out longer. They weren’t wrong, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing and very glad I got the second battery. The Pannier bags were a great add on as well for packing snacks, drinks, rain coat, and emergency tool kit for longer rides.

Overall I’m very happy with the fit and finish and the performance of the bike, all of my expectations have been exceeded. Customer support has been very responsive to questions I’ve had. I would Highly recommend Biktrix, great company building an exceptional product and they genuinely care about delivering an amazing experience for you.

Sergio Russo
Biktrix Electric Bikes

Very friendly staff, good atmospheres

Mark Thomson
Wife's bike

She is very happy with the Juggernaut Hub Duo Step-Thru. I was able to get it setup perfectly for her as she is only 5ft2in tall. The bike has great power and battery life. She's a happy customer!

Jacques Braconnier

Road my bike today for 3 hours. Was outstanding . Love ,love my new bike !!

Jim Allen
Another great buy

First-time wife's swift steep thur great bikeshe rides daily so I had to get myself a juggernaut hub duo to get rides in very happy with this bike and biktrix services

Peter Fehr
Very nice bike

Love it so far lots of power.

Éric Gagnon
Très bon!!!

On adore nos nouveaux vélo 👌

Neil Gongaware

We bought both a step through and a step over and are happy with both. Performance is good, quality seems good so far. Very simple set up, no issues.
I also got the suspension seat, still working out a tilting issue, I’m afraid to over tighten the bolt for the tilt. The suspension seat is very comfortable, changing the block to your weight is important.
Make sure you check all fasteners, even the factory one.
Thanks Neil

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