Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro Custom

Sale price £4,073.00
Sale price £4,073.00
Shipping: Leaves within 3-4 Weeks


The best built full suspension eBike available.

(Built in Canada, Powdercoated to custom colour in Saskatoon, Canada)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 250 reviews
B sting
Juggernaut ultra fs pro

I took my time, looking at, and tested so many EMTB’s. It was a very difficult decision. This machine is perfect for my needs. The ride off road is so smooth, and the ability to drop down in to some canyon with the power to pull you back out with absolutely no problem is amazing. Then there’s the distance, with the duo battery pack in sport mod you have miles. The 27.5x3+ tires on 2.5” wide rims are perfect for the weight and well needed, but they’re not to big for my weight 170lbs they’re perfect. I choose this bike because of its wheel base stance. And a few other things and it has absolutely exceeded my expectations. The whole process of ordering, delivery, and assembly was great. I have read the reviews on this product and I agree it is an amazing machine. It performs so well will pedaling. It invites you to pedal and pedal harder, but then there’s always that throttle for when you get tired and don’t want to pedal. Despite its weight with two batteries, 85lbs it is quite nimble, and with that weight you feel so planted and can climb out of anything. Can’t say enough about this product. Good work friendly people.

Donald Myers
Wait to ride it

The bike passed my inspection. Now I must wait to ride it. Having kidney stone removed on 12/21/23. It is in the living room now. Cannot wait to ride it in the mountains. Nice to look at while recovering from surgery. I know it will be a big step up from the Juggernaut Classic Duo I own. The motor and suspension will make the difference. Again CANNOT WAIT TO RIDE IT!!!! It will be like riding my dirt bike. Pleased with it. GOOD BUY. More review after I heal up and rlde it. Sold my Juggernaut Classic Duo Mid drive to my friend who moved up from a Hemingway hub drive. Ready to rip up the trails.

Juggernaut FS Pro 3

This is my first Ebike. I wasn't sure what to expect. This bicycle far exceeds my expectations.
Assembly is easy for 1 person. Fit and Finish and Quality is awesome.
I rode it for the first time around my driveway and yard without the battery power turned on. I was very impressed
with how easy it was to peddle, it felt like a regular mountain bike.
Next I took it on a 7 mile ride with the battery power, I toggled through all the pedal assist levels and used the throttle only.
I couldn't stop saying to myself WOW, this bike is a blast to ride.
When I purchased this bike I selected the Sulfur Yellow powder coating (beautiful powder coating job, I love the color) I also opted for the upgraded Tektro Quad Piston brakes (fantastic brakes, they work very well)
The Armageddon Headlight (very bright) The Wren Star Ratchet Rear Hub and the Rear rack and fender set.
I am still fine tuning the suspension, seat and handle bar placement to make it all perfect for me.
I'm looking forward to many fun miles of riding, Thank You Biktrix.

earl vandenberg

Very impressed with the bike and the service has been excellent.

Kevin Knodel
Sent out replacement hardware

Very happy with final resolution

Christoph Gschossmann
Juggernaut fs pro 3

I love the bike lots of power and it’s a lot of fun riding

Douglas Gedak
Simply Astonishing

Super happy with the quality of my new bike. I took to the steepest city path hill, I was astonished at the true strength and ease the climb was. My previous e-bike could not make it.

Chris Robertson
Frank the Tank

Bike is really nice! A bit heavy. Could use a bit more speed! Nice Bike

Rudolf Würfl
Great bike

Till now i only drove on asphalt roads, this was really great.
The following weeks i will Test it on gravel and Im sure that the bike is also great there.