The best built full suspension eBike available.

(Built in Canada, Powdercoated to custom colour in Saskatoon, Canada)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Jack Stinson
FS Pro

I love it!

Shayne baldwin
Im the bionic fatman!

Well, i am 54 years old and not at fighting weight anymore but also not completely out of shape. I was looking for some help in the woods of Medford Massachusetts . Boy was i impressed. WOW! this thing is invincible. If anyone has any doubts about biktrix it is unfounded. I dare you to pedal 5 miles at 32mph sustained on a regular fat tire bike. Many smiles per mile. Thankyou biktrix!

Troy Steele
Best bike at almost any price

I absolutely love my Biktrix. It was such a good value and shipped to me extremely quickly. After the first couple rides and comparing it to my friends bikes, I realized it’s the best bike at almost any price. It’s so good now I have to get my wife one. Sincerely, Thank you Biktrix!


Amazing bike, my wife and I now both have this model and couldn’t be happier!- Even with the distance from the factory in Canada they have provided great customer service with all of our questions and issues! Well done Biktrix!

William Douglas
As promised

The bike arrived a week early, which was a pleasant surprise. It was undamaged, and the assembly was straight forward. The quality seems good across the board. The motor is powerful, and the power comes on smoothly. The brakes are incredible. The suspension works well, although I haven’t gotten onto the dirt yet. I am still adjusting the fit, with a new seat, and raising the handlebars. I am very long waisted. It’s been 30 years since I was on a bicycle, so I’m taking it slowly. So far so good, and I have zero complaints at this time.

Manuel Lowenhaupt
Unstoppable bike

My 4th ebike and the most powerful by far. Can go anywhere with speed and stability. Great machine.

Jeff Doyle
All the fun of a mountain bike, dirt bike, and motorcycle in one!

This bike is amazing and so versatile, I’ve ridden gravel cycling trails, mountain single tracks, and roads with it. The motor power and battery life is equally excellent. Unboxing and setup were simple and enjoyable getting to learn a bit about the bike. I added the 4 piston brakes, armageddon headlight, and rear fender. I’m 150lb and 5’ 8.5” and went with the 17” frame. The fit is perfect. I also bought an extra THULE bike trailer adapter and drilled it out slightly for the larger fat tire axle and it works great.

Awesome bikes

Awesome bikes! My son and I started out with two Aventon Rear hub motor bicycles. That was fun for a while but grew to want something more so I was looking at the mid drives and bumped into the Biktrixx FS pro ultra and bought one. Once my son wrote it he wanted to sell his event in and buy one as well, we love the bikes the suspensions great the throttle response is great they’re quick they climb hills fantastically, we just love them. However that being said I’d be curious to know if anyone else has this issue but when our batteries run close to the 30% battery life left we experience power drops to zero, yes from roughly 30% straight to zero losing all power . We will shut the bikes off turn them back on and it will read back to 30% or somewhere close to that the bike will begin to move but just for a short short time and then it cuts out again. We both bought our bikes with a few barns in between each purchase and they’re both doing it , I’ve got some more tests to do Biktrixx has responded in an oppressive way, just love their customer service and their willingness to help hoping to solve this problem to get the battery not to cut out at 30% curious if anyone else has had this problem. That aside we really love the bikes .

Charles Mason

Great bike , I love the sports mode when going up hills!!!