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Want the latest version? Check out the Kutty X 2 and ride in style now!

Kutty X 2

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Ryan Adams

Kutty X 2

Roland Payment
Mrs. C. Payment

Great bike with good power and looks great. It would be nice to have a location to mount a water bottle. Did upgrade the saddle for more comfort. Easy to ride.

Teresa Lee
Excellent ebike

Love my Kutty X2, strongly recommend to anyone that want to get start with riding ebike.

Gordon Kehler
Kutty X2

Absolutely LOVE this bike!!! This is my second e-bike. I fell 3 times off the last one. I feel so confident on this bike and love my rides!! So easy to get on and off and it’s a beautiful blue COLOR😂. Thank you for getting me out on my bike safely!!!!


Kutty X 2

Don Steinhauer
Great bike,Great Company

I received my Kutty x2 in exactly one week from the time I completed the order.The service was very helpful and professional in the ordering process. I had very little issues putting it together and was riding it with in the hour.I apposlutly loved it from the start.This bike fit me to a tee. I have owened a 2017 Juggernaut, which I found was too big for me but this Kutty is the size for me.This bike is so smooth and responsive, with plenty of power. Highly recommended for someone of smaller size.

David Walker
Excellent Bike!

It arrived, exceptionally well packed and complete, to the point of having toch-up paint included. The bike is stable and fun to ride, as well as attractive with a super finish. The components appear to be of excellent quality and it all worked out of the box.

Lori Bogoslowski

Kutty X 2

Jeff Harper
Kutty X2 in Ontario

Quality is top shelf and if I had a suggestion for improvement, it would be to take photos of your bikes with a person in the frame (preferably the same person). In this way your customers could get a sense of how large or small the bike is that they are interested in. The Kutty X2 is much larger than I imagined, but that doesn't detract from how great the bike is.