Reention Dorado Battery Mount Plate

Sale price £66.00
Sale price £66.00
Shipping: Leaves within 6-7 business days


Get more use from your Reention Dorado battery on a custom project with this mount plate system that utilizes standard water bottle mounts.

The steel mounting plate works for Reention Dorado long (498mm) case and short(433mm) case batteries. Includes upper and lower plastic battery mounts with keys.

Technical Specifications


Housing, Dorado Battery Lock, 2 keys, wires from discharge port

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
cathy butler
Battery mount for Reention Dorado Battery

The mount was perfect and shipped as promised. Glad to have it.

Ray Miller
Reention Dorado Battery Mount Plate

Great battery mount plate. I haven't used it as yet, but it's well made and sturdy 5 stars to the manufacturer. I wouldn't hesitate to buy any other type of battery mounting plate or casing for my other blue batteries if available.
Thank You.

Kevin Nielsen
2nd battery

I'm putting my spare battery into service by running 2 batteries in parallel. I have 2 fat tire hubbers with dual batteries that make single battery setups seem feeble. This mounting plate will go on a heavy duty rear rack on my FS Ultra. Couldn't be any bumpier than the racks on the hubbers, keeps the contacts shined up. Dual batteries do more than just increase range. When a single battery is below half charge, the available power becomes increasingly unavailable due to voltage sag under load. Bellow 1/3 charge a single battery is almost useless. A dual battery setup will provide full power as low as 25% charge without issue. Useable power range is therefore more than doubled by adding 2nd battery. Why? Max current draw on a single battery is, say 30amps, with 2 batteries in parallel the max draw is only 15amps per battery. Therefore the voltage drop in each battery is minimal when under full load. A single battery will suffer severe voltage sag bellow 1/3 charge, that = no power, battery stress and will trigger the BMS into limp mode or full shut down.

Earl Hermann
Battery Mounting Plate

The plate was as advertised and the battery fit perfect.

Jeff Lemker
What I needed

Part fit and worked flawlessly

James Cox
What type of power connector should be an option.

The power connector in the battery mount plate is a two pin, whereas my Dorado batteries have a six pin. It would be nice if the alternate connector were an option.

Joshua Gray
Power line came off first ride

Looked good but broke halfway through my first ride, soldering on power cable no good.

Darren Eckes
Sent wrong part

Ordered a Reention Dorado battery holder and was sent the wrong part completely different then the picture and description shown on the website. Now I have to deal with contacting them and returning the part.