Stem Riser

Sale price £21.00
Sale price £21.00


Achieve your desired riding position and maximize comfort with the Stem Riser. This handy accessory increases the height of your stem by 2 to 4.5 inches, allowing you to customize the handlebar height to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a more upright riding position or need extra clearance for your knees, the Stem Riser has you covered. Please note that this product is not compatible with threaded forks. Upgrade your eBike today and experience the benefits of a personalized and comfortable riding experience with the Stem Riser.

Technical Specifications

Stem Height Increase



Stem Cap + Bolt, Stem Spacers

Fork Clamping Diameter



Bike Name Compatible
Juggernaut Hub Duo (SO/ST)
Juggernaut Classic Duo (SO/ST)
Juggernaut Ultra Duo (SO/ST)(All Versions)
Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro (All Versions)
Juggernaut FS Step Thru (MTB/FAT)
Juggernaut XD Duo
Juggernaut Ultra Eagle 2
Juggernaut XD Eagle
Monte Capro Ultra
Monte Capro Lite
Stunner LT 7
Stunner ST/SO 6
Swift SO/ST 3
Swift Lite Step-Thru 3
Challenger 1/2
Kutty X 2
Other Biktrix eBikes with Threadless Stem/Fork
Other Biktrix eBikes with Folding Stem
Legacy Biktrix eBikes with Threaded Fork
Other Bikes/eBikes with Threaded Fork

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mickey Lessley
stem riser

Like it. Accomplished what I wanted and that was to have a more upright posture. Note: need a way to secure handlebars to riser more than just clamping pressure.

Dany Malenfant

Stem Riser