27.5x3" Maxxis HIGH ROLLER II

Sale price £91.00
Sale price £91.00
Shipping: Leaves within 6-7 business days


Take your eBike off-road with confidence with the Maxxis High Roller Tire. Designed for loose trail conditions, this tire features an open and aggressive tread design that provides superior traction.

This includes ONE tire only. If you wish to replace a pair of tires, please order 2.

Technical Specifications

Diameter (")


Width (")


Tread Style

Knobby MTB

Max Pressure

30 PSI (200 kPa)

Bead Type



Bike Name Compatible
Juggernaut Hub Duo SO/ST w/ 27.5x3
Juggernaut Classic w/ 27.5x3
Juggernaut Classic Duo SO/ST w/ 27.5x3
Juggernaut Ultra Duo SO/ST w/ 27.5x3
Juggernaut Ultra 1000 w/ 27.5x3
Juggernaut Ultra FS w/ 27.5x3
Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro w/ 27.5x3
Juggernaut XD/XD Duo w/ 27.5x3
Juggernaut Eagle 2 w/ 27.5x3
Monte Capro Ultra w/ 27.5x3
Monte Capro Lite w/ 27.5x3

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