Best Electric Bike for Short Females

Best Electric Bike for Short Females

Best Electric Bike for Short Riders

Some companies have a ‘one size fits all’ policy because it simplifies manufacturing, reduces inventory and increases profitability. Others favour a more customised approach since it means they can provide their customers with exactly what they need.

Buying a new electric bike definitely demands the latter approach because a comfortable ride is essential. Since people come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the bike needs to accommodate them correctly and so finding the best electric bike for a shorter rider requires careful selection.

Choosing Electric Bikes for Short Women and Men

It’s pretty obvious when choosing any sort of bike that you want one that’s the right size for you because, otherwise, you won’t be comfortable or able to ride it properly. That generally means providing your overall height, weight and leg measurement, which you can do through our Help Me Choose facility to find a bike that fits.

In addition to size, there are other factors you need to consider to find the best electric bike for a short female or male.

  • Choose the most suitable class. Class 1 and 3 bikes require you to pedal for the throttle to engage while class 2 bikes do not and so are easier to get moving. Class 3 bikes are the fastest with a maximum speed of 28 mph against 20 mph for the other two classes.
  • Most motors are well-known brands and are reliable with excellent customer service while lesser known brands will be cheaper but may be less reliable. They may be mid-drive motors that are on the bottom bracket or hub drives in the center of the rear wheel, the former offering a smoother ride while the latter are cheaper and require less maintenance.
  • If you ride long distances, you need a battery with enough life or you could get eBike replacement batteries for the ride. The minimum capacity is generally 500 Wh but you can get batteries with 1,000 Wh or more. To reduce weight, look for a slim-line battery and choose one that’s easy and quick to recharge.
  • Electric bikes are heavier than normal models due to the weight of the motor and battery. If you’re small, this might be a challenge to manoeuvre so go for a bike that’s as lightweight as possible.
  • A step-thru frame design where the top bar slopes lower may make mounting and dismounting easier, especially if you’re wearing a skirt.

How We Make it Easier to Choose the Best Electric Bike for Short Riders

We have a range of bikes online and, to make it easy to choose, there’s the Help Me Choose facility. Here you can enter your height and leg length, choose your preferred frame and enter details of your bike use, either on your own or with the help of one of our bike specialists. Likely recommendations are:

Kutty X2, a folding bike that’s easy to get on and off

Challenger 2 has a powerful 750W motor and is ideal for commuting

Juggernaut Hub Duo Step Thru is a fat tire 750W hub-drive motor electric bike with large carrying capacity, you can also check out our other Juggernaut all terrain electric bike series for something similar.

Skycap 2 is an electric bike with dual batteries and an extra large payload.

    If you’re still unsure after assessing the recommendations, you can book a video call with one of our experts. We’re here to help because we want you to get the best and most suitable bike rather than a one size fits all model.

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