Biktrix Rider Profile: Fletcher Cox

Biktrix Rider Profile: Fletcher Cox

Fletcher Cox is a champion football player and professional athlete. As an all-star defensive tackle, Fletcher has made a career out of shedding blocks and forcing turnovers for his team. When not chasing after opposing quarterbacks, Fletcher spends his downtime unwinding on his private ranch. 

With a backyard of about 1,500 acres, Fletcher was on the hunt for a powerful and efficient way to move across the land. After a neighbor recommended Biktrix electric bikes, Fletcher approached us looking for a heavy-duty electric bike that could carry a large rider and still cover a lot of ground. Enter: the Juggernaut Ultra Duo 2.

Fletcher Cox rides a Juggernaut Ultra Duo 2 from Biktrix


Why the Ultra Duo 2?

At 6’4” and 310 pounds, Fletcher needed a frame to support his size. The Juggernaut Ultra Duo 2 was selected for its 380-pound weight capacity and its powerful 1000 Watt motor! A range extender battery was equipped to increase the Ultra Duo’s range up to 90 miles before needing a charge. Fletcher also opted for the Promend Extra Wide Saddle for increased comfort and shock absorption.

Now, Fletcher gets to tackle the trails using the Juggernaut Ultra Duo 2 from Biktrix, saving his energy for the next game.



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