Do You Get More Exercise on an eBike?

Do You Get More Exercise on an eBike?

We at Biktrix want to discuss one of the most common debates regarding eBikes when compared to regular bicycles. Do you simply not get enough exercise on an eBike than with a regular bicycle? 

Biktrix has been paying close attention to a few threads concerning this very question. While we are happy that most polls dictate a majority of people agreeing that eBikes do give you more of a workout, there are many who think otherwise. 

There are people who think that eBikes give less of a workout because the assist on the bike makes people have to work less to get farther, meaning you sweat less, and get less out of the eBike. 

So, I will be breaking down why a lot of the arguments you see from these kinds of threads are not to be fully believed or listened to.

1). You Work Less... If You Want To.

Some people think that if you sweat less, you will not be able to get the workout you would be able to get on a regular bicycle.

This is horrendously incorrect. It is incorrect, because you have the OPTION to activate or engage the electrical systems. You have the option of activating the pedal assist systems. If you don't then you can just pedal a regular bicycle that can ease you through steep inclines, or rough hilly terrain, so you do not have to STRAIN yourself, or worry about energy for return trips. You can simply choose to ride your eBike like a regular bicycle, but you are paying for the amenities of an electrical system that enables a CONTROLLED, SAFER workout.

It is worth mentioning that eBikes do function like regular bicycle, but are heavier, as you are carrying several pound batteries, motor rigs, optional bags and items on rear racks, etc, possible rear hub motor eBikes that shift balance, etc. This can up the weight of an eBike to 60, maybe even 70 lbs, depending on models. This would require more core work to maneuver a 60lbs+ bicycle, so in fact, you would be working harder, and getting more of a workout.

But sometimes, the rear-hub motor lightweight portable Biktrix Kutty is just what you need when weight gets you down. It's not even 40 lbs!

2). The X Factor - Where X Stands For Fun...

More and more people are standing by their eBike investments as some of the best money they've ever spent. Some people are replacing their cars with greener eBike options, while others just want to have fun on an electric bike. Those who buy for fun get way more activity riding an electric bicycle than they would driving their car, or even riding a regular bicycle, because they actually look forward to riding their eBikes! They look forward to exercise!

With the Juggernaut Ultra FS, you would love to ride this, too!

3). Control Makes You Healthy, Longer

As mentioned in the article earlier, we are focused on safer, controlled workouts.  One of the important things we take seriously when designing our eBikes is the safety and longevity of our riders. We focus on people who want a harder workout, but eBikes have the flexibility to be more accessible to people who are recovering or rehabilitating knees, legs or core from accidents or corrective surgery, as the pedal-assist is easier on people's joints. An eBike also helps people who are looking for efficiency through the casual ride - simply looking to get to work without being drenched with sweat.

So, not only does an eBike service the casual rider the rider in need of assistance, but it also services the hardcore rider, the workout rider, the off-roader, the rider in love with the wild.

Are you seriously telling me that your regular bicycle does all that?  It doesn't.

So, whenever you read something on these threads from people who are not getting the kind of workout they would like to get on their electric bikes, know that there are the kinds of eBike options that are most definitely able to offer everything any rider would deserve.

And if you can, direct them to Biktrix. With our products, we know we can change their minds.




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