Introducing Biktrix XD


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Extremely Driven.

  • 2300+ Watt Power capable
  • Twice the practical power of the Bafang Ultra
  • Incredible towing + cargo potential
  • 50+ km/h off-road capable
  • Alloy chain guard and bash covers
  • Designed and tested in Canada year round
  • High-Strength stainless steel crank spindle
  • Modular motor-core for ease of service
  • HIGO Waterproof plugs, water-resistant design

Try Dual Drive.

The redundancy and ruggedness of hub motors, paired with the poise, performance, and gearing advantages of traditional mid-drives…

It's the best of both worlds.

Heavy Duty Parts.

See the difference side-by-side.  The XD employs tough 219 chain and a thick alloy sprocket.  These heavy-duty components can handle many times the forces that a regular chain and sprocket could.  The XD is over-engineered for extreme durability.

Power, Uninterrupted.

Never worry about shifting gears under power, with instantaneous power delivery to the rear wheel, regardless of pedal cadence or gearing.

The powertrain between your motor and the road operates with 10 to 1 reduction, optimized for a sporty feel with precise control, while the Dynamic Tensioner maintains low noise from the XD system.

Built-In Redundancy

Peace of mind is yours, knowing you've got both pedal and motor power available to get you home, on independent drive systems.

The typical disadvantages of mid-drive systems are solved, providing a dependable daily-riding workhorse, ready to conquer commuting, cargo, and new challenges in life.

Off-Road Proven

We figured one of the best ways to prove out the XD Drive system was in the wild, so we configured our first bikes around these rough and tumble outings (along with regular servings of roads and trails!). Year-round ride tested, rain, snow, and lots of sun.

Following in the fat-tire footsteps of the Juggernaut, the new XD models will climb higher, cross country quicker, and keep on trucking, no matter the duties and terrain.

​Canadian winters? Not a problem.

Pushing The Limits

The XD system breaks new ground, reaching levels of performance and reliability that were previously unachieved with the eBike form factor.

Designed & Built In Canada.

The XD Drive system was developed in Saskatoon, Canada, by a team of e-bike enthusiasts with a shared passion for better solutions to transportation. The global pandemic conditions forced them to improvise, adapt, and overcome, tackling the bike parts shortages, chip shortages, shipping shortages, and forces of nature simultaneously throughout development. The resulting product and its manufacturing approaches are primed for navigating such challenges with agility, and competitive in-house solutions.

Technical Specifications

Size & Fittings

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Launching Late September 2022 with retail prices starting at $5999 USD / $7499 CAD. Click the button below to be notified of the launch!

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