Wheel Diameter (Height):

  • 20" / 24" - These wheels offer a lower stance for our shorter customers to allow a more comfortable fit and ride.
  • 26" - A great choice for most riders offering a more traditional look.
  • 27" / 29” - Our tallest tire options for our tallest customers. 

Tire Width:

  • 52c / 2.125" / 2.2" (MTB) - These tires offer the lowest rolling resistance and best mimic a "Traditional" tire size. They are great for paved trails and commuting, but are not suggested for loose terrain.
  • 3" (MTB+) - A versatile choice for riders who want great performance on both trails and commutes (recommended for ice/gravel).
  • 4" - Fat tires offer great All-Season performance with a focus on stability (recommended for Snow/Sand).
  • 4.8" - The widest tire we offer. Great for off-road and backwood adventures. These tires have lots of tread for extra "bite", extra cushion for riding on rough ground, and added stability while riding on softer terrain (recommended for all-terrain).

Tread Style:

  • Street Tires - Great for commuting or riding paved paths. Has less rolling resistance than MTB tires.
  • MTB Tires - Great versatility for on or off-road riding. These tires have more rolling resistance but much greater traction.