1) Are they road legal?

In Canada, each province declare the legality of electric bikes. Most of them have the following requirements to be a road-legal electric bike:

Any two- or three-wheeled bicycle that:

  • is equipped with an electric assist motor that is no larger than 500 watts
  • is designed to be propelled with the combination of muscular power and power assist from the electric motor
  • cannot be operated at a speed of greater than 32 km/h (20 mph) on any level service

Please check with your local jurisdiction for more information.

In USA, a road-legal electric bike must meet the following requirements:

  • Two or three wheels
  • Fully operable pedals
  • 750 watts maximum
  • Maximum speed of less than 20-MPH on the motor only, on level ground, with a 170 pound rider.

State laws in USA vary widely. Please check with your local jurisdiction for more information.

2) Are e-bikes really that green?

Let’s look at how far a Loonie ($1) gets us:

Car ~1  litre of gas 13 km
Public Transport 1/3 of a ticket 15 km
Motorcycle ~1  litre of gas 20 km
Hybrid Car ~1 litre of gas 20 km
Biktrix Electric Bicycle 13 Recharges 400+ km


3) How heavy are your bikes?

Our bikes are some of the lightest power:weight ratio bikes in its category. The Juggernaut weighs around 54 lbs and the Stunner weighs around 45 lbs including battery and motor installed on the bike.

4) Does the battery recharge when riding?

No. Using the battery's motor to recharge the battery is called regenerative braking. We explain why our bikes don't support this in the next question.

5) Do our bikes support regenerative braking?

No. We strongly believe that the cost does not justify the benefit. We found that e-bikes simply don’t have enough inertia or speed to support regenerative braking like most hybrid cars. Some people claim that they get about 10-15% more mileage from their regenerative braking systems. Frankly, instead of spending $500+ for a regenerative braking system, you could pay $200+ to upgrade your battery to over 30% capacity.

6) How far, how fast?

The total capacity of a battery can be measured in terms of Watt-hours. A 48V10.4Ah battery has 48x10.4=499.2Watt-hour. That is, a 500 Watt motor running at full load can run on this battery for one hour. Hence, the faster you drive, the faster you drain the battery. 

Our bikes are speed limited to 32 kph / 20 mph. Unless you ask us to remove this limit for off-road use only. An unlocked Stunner/Juggernaut will reach speeds of up to 50 km/hr or 32 mph.

7) How long does the battery take to charge?

Our bikes some standard with a 2A charger. With the standard charger, the battery completely recharges in about 4 hours.


8) What tools are required for assembly?

Bikes are shipped with all necessary hardware, but some additional tools are required.

Assembly includes 3 simple steps:

  1. Install front wheel and front fender
    • Quick release wheels - no tools required
    • Nutted wheels - size 15mm open wrench
    • Fender - size 4 & 5 Allen Hex key
  2. Install handlebar
    • Handlebar - size 4 & 5 Allen Hex key
  3. Install pedals
    • Pedals - size 15mm open wrench

Some specific models also include additional install tips:

  • Stunner - comes with Step 1 completed, start with Step 2
  • Kutty LT, Juggernaut, Stunner LT,  Stunner X, Courier,   - front light must be installed with front fender during Step 1


9) What about warranty?

All our bikes are covered with a 12 month warranty. Other accessories are backed with a 6 month warranty.

10) Are Biktrix bikes weatherproof?

Our bikes have been ridden in really rough conditions. Rainstorm, Snowstorm, etc. and have performed without any issues. That being said, our motors/batteries should never be completely submerged in water.

11) How do I get my other questions answered?

Send us a note! 

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