Juggernaut FS XD

Unleash the Ultimate Ride.

Say hello to the Biktrix Juggernaut XD Full Suspension eBike - the ultimate blend of power, performance, and comfort.



Full-Suspension Design

Using the RockShox Monarch RL with 145mm of rear travel along with the front suspension lets you glide over any surface with total control.

Heavy Duty Dual-Drive Chain

lightweight and user-replaceable half link chain.

52V Removable Internal Battery

Stay powered up for longer rides with our high-capacity battery.

Biktrix 2300W XD Mid-Motor

Experience unparalleled power and torque, making steep inclines and rugged terrain a breeze.

Armageddon Headlight

With 2000 lumens of brightness, we ensure your path stays lit up and fully visible!

Introducing Biktrix XD

Extremely Driven.

This in-house designed and tested motor feeds 2000+ Watts of power through a direct drive secondary chain to the rear wheel. This means unmatched power, performance and durability.

Off-Road. Proven

We figured one of the best ways to prove out the XD Drive system was in the wild, so we configured our first bikes around these rough and tumble outings (along with regular servings of roads and trails!). Year-round ride tested, rain, snow, and lots of sun.

Following in the fat-tire footsteps of the Juggernaut, the new XD models will climb higher, cross country quicker, and keep on trucking, no matter the duties and terrain.

​Canadian winters? Not a problem.

Pushing The Limits!

The XD system breaks new ground, reaching levels of performance and reliability that were previously unachieved with the ebike form factor.

Designed & Built In Canada.

The XD Drive system was developed in Saskatoon, Canada, by a team of e-bike enthusiasts with a shared passion for better solutions to transportation. The global pandemic conditions forced them to improvise, adapt, and overcome, tackling the bike parts shortages, chip shortages, shipping shortages, and forces of nature simultaneously throughout development. The resulting product and its manufacturing approaches are primed for navigating such challenges with agility, and competitive in-house solutions.

See The Difference.

***Prototype Model; final may very.

Juggernaut XD FS

Starting at £4,999.00

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  • Includes Rear Suspension
  • 2300W Mid-Motor
  • Dual-Piston Brakes
  • Frame Made In Taiwan
  • 52V Removable Internal Battery

Juggernaut XD Duo

Starting at £5,599.00

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  • No Rear Suspension
  • 2300W Mid-Motor
  • Dual-Piston Brakes
  • Frame Made In Taiwan
  • 52V Removable Internal Battery
  • Range Extender Option
Custom Color Bike

Juggernaut XD Eagle

Starting at £5,999.00

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  • No Rear Suspension
  • 2300W Mid-Motor
  • Quad-Piston Brakes
  • Frame Made In USA
  • 52V or 48V Removable External Battery

Preproduction Specifications

*Final version may have equivalent or better parts substitutions

Size & Fittings

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